Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Jonah 2: 1-10
Date: Apr 23rd, 2017
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- Jonah –

The Book of Jonah

- a historical narrative (story) re: Jonah and Nineveh

- Focus: on the Messenger and his Mission, not on an

         extensive Message (Jonah 3:4 = only 5 words in Hebrew)


“WHEN Did Jonah Live?”

- 2 Kings 14:23-25: during the reign of Jeroboam II, evil

  King of the Northern Kingdom (Israel)  782-753 B.C.

- Jonah’s Ministry -> Israel’s resurgence & prosperity

    Cf. “in accordance with the word of the Lord…spoken

           through his servant Jonah” (success from God)

- Gath Hepher is 3 miles north of Nazareth = a Galilean

- Matt.12:39-41= Jesus affirms the historical Jonah, and

   his “3 days & 3 nights” (a Hebrew idiom) in the huge fish


“WHY was Jonah Sent to Nineveh?”

- a great city (Jonah 1:2, 3:3) known for wickedness; Assyrians were

  known for cruelty in their treatment of captives

= capital of the Assyrian probably under reign of Ashurdan III

   (773-755 B.C.); a period of mild decline, but Assyria would

   later wipe out the Northern Kingdom (Israel) and crush the

   Southern Kingdom (Judah)


Overview of Jonah’s Story

                        Ch.1 & 2             (760 B.C.)        Ch.3 & 4

            1st Commission of Jonah               2nd Commission of Jonah

                    Disobedience                                    Obedience

              God’s Mercy on Jonah                 God’s Mercy on Nineveh

                      The Great Sea      (Location)        The Great City

              “I won’t go.”   “I will go.”     /        “I’m here.”   “I shouldn’t                                                                        

         Source: Walk Thru the Bible                                    have come.”


Also: Ch.1= The Reluctance of Jonah   (Ship)

          Ch.2= The Restoration of Jonah   (Fish)

          Ch.3= The Reforms under Jonah   (Nineveh)

          Ch.4= The Rebuke to Jonah   (East of Nineveh




Key Verses:  Jonah 2:8,9 = Jonah’s Repentance

                      Jonah 4:2 = Jonah’s Resentment


“What Does Jonah Teach US?”

1. God is Concerned about ALL Nations

- Jonah = only prophet sent directly to the Gentiles

- Nineveh responded better to Jonah than Israel & Judah

   ever did to their prophets

- Ch.4 = God rebukes Jonah for his patriotic zeal; he put

   his country before God’s Compassion = Disobedience


2. Running Away from God is NOT Good

- Disobedience is the long way around God’s will…it was

   500 miles northeast to Nineveh, and 2000 miles west to

   Tarshish in Spain    cf. Prov.13:15; Isa. 57:20,21; Luke 15

- Better to be the “Blessed” person of Psalm 1

- Jonah was caught in a storm, got in over his head, was going

   down, got tangle in something he didn’t anticipate, got

   swallowed up     POINT = He was in CRISIS

- Rejoice: God knows where we are, and He’s there  Psa.139:7-11


3. There is NO LIMIT to what God can use to Get One’s


= acts of mercy, grace, patience, deliverance, etc.

- God uses the storm, the lots, the sailors, the weeds, the fish,

   the Ninevites, the plant, the worm, the sun, the east wind

- God is Sovereign in all circumstances as He seeks Jonah’s   

   RESTORATION  cf. bringing Jonah to his unique “prayer

   closet” where he acknowledges God’s hand in his

    salvation (Jonah 2:9), and submits to God and His purposes

- Jonah 2:8, 9 = Repentance & Conviction regarding God’s Person

Note: Failure does not necessarily disqualify one from God’s



4. God WILL Accomplish His Work

- knows where the opportunities are, and the outcome of obedience

- works in the believer to give a heart for what He has a

   heart for…deals with our ‘baggage’…willing to take the time