Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Micah 3: 9 - 4:5
Date: May 21st, 2017
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“WHEN did Micah speak for God?”   Micah 1:1

- 3 Kings of Judah  cf. Jeremiah 26:17-20 _735-710 B.C.= Micah’s   

         Ministry = dark time in Israel’s history (2 Kings 15:12-19:37)

- World Power = Assyrians _4 kings reigned during this time until

          the Israelites were taken captive in 722 B.C.

- Micah is a contemporary of the prophets Hosea (Israel) and Isaiah

          in the court in Jerusalem (cf. King Hezekiah)


“WHO was Micah?”

- Micah 1:14 = from Moreshath Gath, 25 miles SW of Jerusalem

- Micah 3:8 = had a clear sense of call from God, knowing Him to be the

           Ruler of the nations, holy, absolutely just in dealing with sin

- Micah had close fellowship with God, and spoke boldly for God


“WHY did Micah Speak for God”

- Sins of Samaria (capital of Israel) and Jerusalem (capital of Judah)

   Micah  3:8  cf.  2:8-11, 6:1-16, 7:1-7 = oppression; bribery among judges,

   prophets and priests; exploiting the powerless; covetous, cheating;

   violence; pride

- God will judge sin  Ch. 6 = God’s courtroom scene

- speaking of Hope and Consolation in God = justice (Micah 2:4) through

   the Messiah, Deliverer, Shepherd  Micah 2:12, 13; Ch.4, 5; 7:8-20




1. Prediction of Judgment       Ch. 1-3   -Punishment   - Retribution

2. Prediction of Restoration    Ch.4-5    - Promises       - Restoration

3. Plea for Repentance            Ch.6-7    - Pardon          - Repentance


Theme: Judgment and Restoration of Judah

Key Verses:  Micah 6:8 = God’s kind of People

                     Micah 7:18 = Our kind of God

Key Concepts: Confrontation, Courtroom Micah 6:1-16, Consolation

Micah’s “HOPE” (Micah 7:7): O.T. hope involved a willingness to wait,

             and a settled confidence that what God has for us in the

             future is good





- Micah 5:2 – birthplace and eternal nature of the coming Ruler,

           700 years B.C.         cf. Matt. 2:5, 6

- Micah 2:12, 13; 4:1-8; 5:4, 5 = Shepherd of His people, and the

           establishment of Mount Zion / Jerusalem  _God’s Kingdom


“WHAT Does Micah Say To US?”


1. We Need to be CLEAR about What God has Revealed.

- God is Sovereign, Holy, Righteous, Just, Love

- God will not allow sin to go unpunished   Rom.6:23; Ezek. 18:20

- God pursues Sinners  -> Restored Relationship  Luke 19:10; Eph.1:6

POINT: Micah was CLEAR about What God Said, and so must we be.


2. There is a Direct Relationship between Spirituality (loving God) and

     Social Ethics (loving Others)  1 John 2:6-8; 3:16, 17; 4:19, 21

- 6:8 = God’s moral requirements

   a. “Justice”: our response to God _commitment to fairness

   b. “Love Mercy”: beyond fairness to a heart response to the needs of

                 others  cf. not giving others what they deserve (Grace      

                 involves giving others what they don’t deserve.)

                 Eph.2:4, 4:32; Luke 6:35b, 26; 1 Pet.1:3

   c. “Walk Humbly With Your God”: our main response to God is to

                  submit to His will

POINT: People who are the ‘real deal’ live this total package = “Don’t

              be like Israel and Judah!”


3. God Passionately Pursues His Disobedient People

- speaking the truth regarding judgment and pardon    Micah  7:18; Rom. 11:22

- extend MERCY beyond Comparison _someone always suffers loss

   when sin takes place…in giving His Son, God did

- God brings us to CRISIS to humble us


4. God Promises Ultimate Restoration     Micah 7:8-2

   FACT = Micah 5:12 came true     -> FAITH in God’s Word