Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Nahum 1: 1-9
Date: May 28th, 2017
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Question: “How long will wickedness be allowed to continue?”

Answer: Until God says, “Enough!”


Prophet Jonah (760 B.C.) preached, “Forty years and Nineveh will be    

           overturned (Nahum 3:4) -> Repentance and Reforms…spared the city.

Prophet Nahum (660 B.C.) prophesied that Nineveh’s wickedness had

           reached its limit, and its Destruction was coming.  An “oracle’

           (Nahum 1:1) is a burden, a prophecy of weighty judgment.



Ch.1- Destruction of Nineveh Decreed

       = WHAT God will do                                 from “Walk Thru

Ch.2- Destruction of Nineveh Described                     The Bible”

       = HOW God will do it

Ch.3- Destruction of Nineveh Deserved

       = WHY God will do it


> Prophecy: Judgment on Nineveh

> Purpose of the Prophecy: to encourage and comfort Judah. (Nahum 1:15, 2:2)     

                       Israel was already taken captive by Assyria in 722 B.C..

NOTE: Nahum’s name means ‘comfort’ or ‘consolation’.

> Dating of the Prophecy:

   1. 722 B.C. = fall of Israel (southern kingdom) to the Assyrians

   2. 664 B.C. = fall of the Egyptian capital of Thebes to the Assyrians,

                         led by Ashurbanipal (very powerful king)    Nahum3:8

   3. 612 B.C. = the Babylonians defeated Nineveh  =  48 years after

                         Nahum’s prophecy in approximately 660 B.C.

NOTE: the city was left in “ruins” (Nahum 3:5-7), and these were not found

             by archeologists until A.D. 1842.


The main issue to note in Nahum is that he gives:




A. Decreed   Ch.1

- the Lord is jealous for His people, and avenges them    1-2

- patient God  3      - powerful God   3-6



- He is good to those who look to Him, and He will overthrow

   His enemies   7-8 …retribution

- Assyrians condemned because of their sins   9-14, 2:7a

= a comfort to Judah   15

B. Described   Ch.2

- Assyria conquered and Judah restored    1-2

- the siege of the city   3-7   _flood   cf.1:8

- the plundering of the city 8-13    _fire

NOTE: Nineveh under Ashurbanipal (669-633 B.C.)

          - at the peak of power and prosperity

          - walls 100 feet high, and a 3-chariot width with towers

             reaching 100 feet above the walls

           - surrounded by a moat 50 ft. Wide and 60 ft. Deep

           - a reservoir system…ample water

- Destruction: Assyrian power faded under Ashurbanipal’s sons,

       a flood destroyed part of the wall as the Tigris overflowed

      Nahum 1:8, 2:6, 8 -> Babylonians entered the city, set it on fire

       Nahum 2:13, 3:13, 15 …warriors and chariots, fleeing, treasuries

POINT: This prophecy was fulfilled in exact detail.

C. Deserved   Ch.3

- Nineveh’s cruelty and corruption   1-7

- just as Assyria destroyed Thebes, the Egyptian capital   8-10

- destruction is certain; divine judgment will come   11-19

- GUILTY of Violence, Idolatry, and Arrogance




1. Who He Is   Nahum 1:2-7

= where our thinking and beliefs begin   cf. Psa. 1:6, 1 Sam. 2:30

2. What He Said

- promises to Israel and Judah  Nahum  2:2 …involved WAITING for God

- promises to all God’s people   2 Peter 3:3-10

3. What He Desires

- that Israel would believe Him -> celebration   Nahum 2:15, 3:19

- that the Church would believe Him -> celebration, change of

   thinking, change into a Christ-like character   2 Peter 3:1, 2, 11-15a

   cf. Romans 8:18…the need to WAIT for God’s timing

POINT: This assurance in the believer changes the quality of life now.