Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Malachi 2:17 - 3:7
Date: Oct 1st, 2017
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Malachi: 1:1= only mention in Scripture; means ‘my messenger’

               cf. 3X mention 2.of God’s “Messenger”    2:7, 3:1

             : 47/55 verses are spoken by God _ “Almighty God”  or

               similar expressions   24X


WHEN did Malachi Speak for God?”

…indications in the book help to zero in on the time-frame

1. use of the Persian term “governor”  1:8  cf. Neh. 5:14 means

    the book was written during Persian rule over Israel  539-333

2. Sacrifices were being offered due to finished temple   516 B.C.

    _many years had passed, priests wearied of sacrifices (1:7-10; 3:8),

    And the system was corrupt   1:6-14

3. Malachi addresses the same issues as Nehemiah:

    - corrupt priests   1:6-29  cf.  Neh. 13:1-9

    - neglect of tithes and offerings   3:7-12  cf.  Neh.13:10-13

    - intermarriage with pagan wives   2:10-16  cf.  Neh. 13:23-28

NOTE: Nehemiah came to Jerusalem to rebuild its walls in 444 B.C.,

    went back to Persia for 7 years then returning in 425 B.C. to deal

    with the problems. It is likely that Malachi spoke God’s message

    from 432-425 in Nehemiah’s absence…100 years after Haggai

    and Zechariah (520 B.C.)


WHY did Malachi Speak for God?”

- Israel’s disappointment and unbelief re: God’s promises

- prevailing attitude = “It’s not worth serving God.”  3:14

- compromise and disobedience to God’s law

POINT: Malachi’s prophecy was designed as an appeal to break

              thru Israel’s ATTITUDE; a recurring dialogue format

1. God’s Statements & Accusations

   - Statements of His Love   1:1-5

   - Statements of People despising God   1:6-2:19

   - Statements of Laxed Law   2:10-16

   - Statements of Promised Judgment   2:17-3:6

   - Statements of Robbing God   3:7-12

   - Statements of Future Blessing   3:13-4:6

2. Questions of the People _interrogating God

   _in response to God’s accusations cf. “But you ask…”



   - 1:2 ,6, 7; 2:17; 3:7, 7, 13

3. God Answers their Questions…refuting them

 _revealing their false conclusions and rationalizations


THEME: Appeal to Backsliders

Key Verses: 2:17-3:1; 4:5, 6

Key Chapter: 3 = the Lord’s Messenger (3:1 cf. Matt.3:3) as

                            Forerunner of the coming Messiah



A. Privilege of the Nation (Past)

= Care of God for Israel  1:1-5

B. Pollution of the Nation (Present)

= Complaint of God against Israel   1:6-3:15

C. Promise of god to the Nation (Future)

= Coming of God   3:16-4:6

…end of O.T. history, entering 400-yearprophetic silence


WHAT does Malachi’s Prophecy Teach US?”

1. God’s Character does NOT Change

- Who He is   - What He said  -  What Concern Him

- What He Does: Appeals (3:6-7), Dialogues, Not Forget 3:1

2. Beware of a Dwindling Faith

_when we get tired of waiting for God to fulfill His promises

-> disillusioned, doubtful, question God’s Providential Care

-> faith in God degenerates, become cynical: “Is it worth

     serving God at all?”  3:14

-> attitudes surface in empty ritual, cheating in tithes & offerings,

      and indifference to God’s moral and spiritual laws

      = an spiritual insensitivity _lack of discernment

      ***Divine accusations are Denied i.e. living in DENIAL

-> a quiet rebellion, perception of God grows dim, captive to

      materialism and hypocrisy  cf. Pharisees of the N.T.

3. The Coming of the Messiah

- 1st Advent with John the Baptist as the Messenger   3:1, John 1:29

   _John = the Elijah who was to come   Isa.40:3; Matt. 3:3; 11:10-14

- 2nd Advent  3:2-5; 4:5 with Elijah also appearing at that time

***3:16-18 – God’s will is that a DISTINCTION be Evident