EPHESIANS A People 'in Christ' - Blessed! - Ephesians 1
Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Ephesians 1: 11-14
Date: Nov 5th, 2017
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- Ephesians –


The VISION of the responsible parent is

to SEE their children become responsible adults,

in Earthly and in Eternal matters.




Question #1 = “What Does God SEE?”

   - God’s VISION: Spiritually Mature Believers _His Highest Intent

   - cf. Jer. 29:11-13a; John10:10 _our need to SEE as God sees


Question #2 = “What is Paul’s Role?”

   - Paul’s Authority (1:1): sent with credentials to represent God

   = our ‘spiritual director’ _by example and by teaching

   - Background: Paul’s Missionary Journeys (Acts 18:20-21; 19;

                           20:17-38 _spent 3 years with them  31)

Consider: Paul was not merely a Coach, a Mentor, or a “father in the

                 Faith”…more than this, he was an “Apostle” => speaking

                 the Words/Mind/Vision of God to US

               : God-appointed 4:11; 2:21,22; 3:1-13

               : Paul’s Intention 4:11,12 cf. Col.1:28, 29 = FOCUSED


Question #3 = “How do I Get There?”

   - Ephesians = Believer’s / Church’s Growth Manual

   - Note: Maturity is not experienced Alone, rather TOGETHER

               cf. 3:14 – “we all” = we need one another


Question #4 = “Do I Get It?”

***not merely an academic exercise or discipline

   - I get it by God speaking to ME. – His Word

   - I get it by God’s Spirit enabling me. – understanding & power

                            “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.”

   - I get it by Surrendering to God’s Way. – the Will to Obey

PRAYER: “Lord, help me!”  - Paul’s Prayers  1:17-19a; 3:14-19

          cf. Phil. 2:13 - God helping us take responsibility to Grow

                                - Earnestness, Intentional, Discipline






***A variety of outlines summarize the content of Paul’s letter.


            1:1-3:21                             4:1-6:9                           6:10-24

             Wealth                                Walk                            Warfare

            Blessings                          Behaviour                         Battle

         Appreciation                      Adjustments                      Armed

         Created:                              Conduct:                          Conflict:

             “in Christ”                         like Christ                        as Christ

           Resurrected                         Renewed                          Ready

            Position:                            Practice:                       Protection:

              “in Christ”                         like Christ                         as Christ

Note:           1:3                                     4:1                                 6:10

- written during Paul’s first Roman imprisonment in A.D. 60-62 

- no problems dealt with in this letter, rather a preventative intent

  by encouraging the believers to MATURE




1. “How BLESSED I am!”   _Appreciation

2. “What must I DO?”   _Adjustments

3. “How can I STAND?”   _Armed

POINT: God’s VISION for us becomes our VISION for us

              ->take ownership for becoming like Jesus with the

                help of God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s People


THEME: Mature in Christ _Grow Up Spiritually


KEY VERSES:  2:8-10 = God creates us for a Purpose

                           2:21-22 = “rises to become…built together to become”

                           4:12, 13 = “may be built up…become mature, attaining

                                         to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ”

                           6:13 = “to stand”


Ephesians 3:14-21