EPHESIANS Together a People Unique Submission & Marriage
Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Ephesians 5:22-23
Date: Feb 25th, 2018
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In approaching this ‘text’ from God imagine that God is sitting across the table from us. In seeking to get us to live according to His will He leans toward us, and He gets very personal:


A. “Did you GET What I Just Said?”  4:17-5:21

= “together” (3:18) and individually taking personally Paul’s teaching

- 4:17-5:21 = Live not as other Gentiles, Walk in Love, Walk as

                      Light, Live Wisely _submit to the Holy Spirit, and    

                     “Submit to one another out of reverence to Christ”  21

POINT: PREPARED to live motivated by the fear of God _devoted

              to submitting to Christ; having Christ’s Attitude  cf. Phil.2:1-5


B. “Now, Let’s Talk about Your Marriage.”   5:22-32

_ Gen.1:27, 2:18, 2:24 = creation of  man & woman, roles

1. God Speaks to Wives

- Submit / to your husband / as to the Lord / in everything

   Col.3:18, 1Pet.3:1-6 = faith in God’s way -> obedience to God

- “as the church submits to Christ”  24  cf.  21

2. God Speaks to Husbands

- Love / your wife / as you love your own body (oneness of marriage)

- “as Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for her”  25

NOTE: Man is not told to take authority, but to serve (as Christ); wives

             give authority “out of reverence for Christ”

- vs.26-30 = the need for Spiritual Maturity to develop in the Marriage

                    Relationship (‘on the same page’) _husband to take the

                    lead by caring for his wife in every way   cf. 1 Pet. 3:7

- vs.28-31 emphasized the ONENESS aimed at in the Marriage

POINT: a PATTERN has been provided = Christ and His Church


C. “So do NOT Lose Sight of This.”  5:32-33

_it seems like Paul takes a breath & thinks of the “profound mystery”

= secret truth, now revealed   1:9, 3:3, 4, 9; Issue = our PERSPECTIVE

1. Christ and His Church // Reality of Headship and Submission in all

2. Husband and Wife     // their manifold applications. Love & Respect