EPHESIANS 'Stand Firm' Amid Spiritual Conflict
Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-17
Date: Apr 22nd, 2018
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- “Stand Firm” Amid Spiritual Warfare –

Ephesians 6:10-17


Recap the Flow of Ephesians:

1. “How BLESSED I am!”   _Appreciation

2. “What must I DO?”   _Adjustments

3. “How can I STAND?”   _Armed

POINT = take ownership for Growing toward Spiritual Maturity

               _be like Jesus   4:12, 13 cf. 6:13 – to “stand” like Him

Ch. 6:10-18: “Get the PICTURE”, a Roman soldier suited in armor

                      is likened to a Christian armed for spiritual warfare.


Recap of  “Stand Firm” Amid Spiritual Warfare

A. A Christian Soldier’s Perspective 10 = “mighty power” of God

B. A Christian Soldier’s Purpose 11, 13 = “stand firm” as evil comes

C. The Christian Soldier’s Perpetrator 12, 13 = the Devil

“Let’s Continue.”:

D. A Christian Soldier Prepared 14-17

…the ARMOR is Provided, it Protects, and is to be a “Panoply” = the

    complete armor of defense / full suit of armor – “put on” (2X)

…the emphasis here is PRACTICAL = what we put on to “stand firm”

   1. Prepared by Devotion to Truth 14

       - committed to seek God’s truth -> freedom John 8:31, 32; Integrity

   2. Prepared by Devotion to Righteousness 14

       - uprightness in character (attitude & action) 5:9; Matt.6:33

   3. Prepared by Standing in the Gospel of Peace 15

       - stand in / dependent on the Good News of PEACE that enables us

         to be ready to be Messengers of Peace  1 Cor.15:58 – “steadfast”

   4. Prepared by Keeping Faith in God in Place 16

       - “flaming arrows of the evil one” cf. “devil’s wiles (11) _schemes

   5. Prepared by being Mindful of Salvation 17

       = fulness of assurance of salvation -> encouragement & victory

       = protect our HEADS with God’s truth  2 Cor.10:4, 5; 1Thes.5:8-11

   6. Prepared to Use the Word of God 17

       = the ability to use a particular Scripture for each particular

          Temptation cf. Matt.4:1-11; Word of God is a defense weapon

           for those who hold it, and know how to use it

       = need to fortify ourselves by knowing & understanding Scripture