EPHESIANS Stand Firm Amid Spiritual Conflict
Series: Sunday Sermons
Leader: Pastor Bill Terris
Scripture: Ephesians 6:18-24
Date: Apr 29th, 2018
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Recap the Flow of Ephesians:

1. “How BLESSED I am!”   _Appreciation

2. “What must I DO?”   _Adjustments

3. “How can I STAND?”   _Armed

POINT = take ownership for Growing toward Spiritual Maturity

       _be like Jesus   4:12, 13 cf. 6:13 – “stand” as a spiritual adult


Recap of “Stand Firm” Amid Spiritual Warfare  Ch.6:10-18

A. A Christian Soldier’s Perspective 10 = “mighty power” of God

B. A Christian Soldier’s Purpose 11, 13 = “stand firm” as evil comes

C. The Christian Soldier’s Perpetrator 12, 13 = the Devil

D. A Christian Soldier Prepared 14-17

“Let’s Continue.”:

E. The Christian Soldier at Prayer 18-24

2 Tim.2:1-4: faithful soldier “wants to please his commanding officer”

…use of the armor cannot but include interaction with our LORD

regarding Perspective, Purpose, the Perpetrator, and being Prepared

…pray in view of our knowledge of God’s Word when evil tempts us

Paul teaches / reminds us:

1. Of our Prayer Companion 18

- Holy Spirit in the believer (John 14, 16); enabling us to prayer

- Prayer = “Help Lord!” regarding the specifics of the Bible.

2. Of our Prayer being Constant 18

- on all occasions, all kinds of prayer; conversational, attitude of

- 1 Thes.5:16-18 = continual prayer “is the will of God for you”

= being sensitive to the Spirit’s prompting, walk in fellowship

  with God (1 John 1 – “fellowship”) _Desire & Discipline

3. Of Praying with Courage 19-20

= with Focus, Purpose, a sense of Mission _ “ambassador” of

   Christ representing Him well while on earth ->Courage

- Acts 28:30 ,31 = Paul’s concern, not that the circumstances

            change, but that the Gospel advance, even “in chains”

NOTE: Bible knowledge guides Prayer _ “Hear what the Spirit says to

             the churches.” (Rev.2-3, 7X) Spirit does not contradict Bible.

POINT: Live out of an “undying love” / “sincerity” for Jesus.  24